Education Websites

List of Educational websites, results, notification, examination information of various universities and Boards in Tamilnadu. Education related websites providing information to students regarding various courses are also included.

  • Results & Notifications List of Results & Notifications websites of various University and Board Examinations.
  • Sanskrit Learning Sanskrit Learning Websites, Online Learning of Sanskrit.
  • Education Offices Education Offices and Staff Training institutes in Tamilnadu with websites.
  • Education Information Education Information, College lists, Higher Education details, courses details etc. are available here.
  • Educational Groups Directory of Educational Groups in Tamilnadu having many educational institutions in the state.
  • Educational Products Educational Products, Educational Software, online educational store etc.
  • Language Learning List of Language Learning Centres in Tamilnadu. English/French/German/Japanese/Chinese Courses and training in Tamilnadu.
  • College Cultural Festivals List of College Cultural Festivals information websites.