Society & Culture

Tamil Nadu Society and Culture related sites. Information about major Temples like Palani, Kancheepuram, Chidambaram, Thanjavur, Madurai, Chennai Kanyakumari and Rameshwaram, major churches and mosques in Tamil Nadu, Info about important personalities in TN, Music & Dance, Fine arts & crafts, politics, literature, sports, festivals, Government websites, department sites, and all district websites etc listed here.

  • Religion Details about religious places in Tamil Nadu. Major Temples and Churches in Tamil Nadu.
  • People A Directory of websites of famous people, organizations and groups, families and personal weblinks of various people.
  • Government Directory of the Government websites. All major departments, district websites and all other government websites are included here
  • Communities Web Directory of all popular communities and forums on the web which helps people interact with each other.
  • Music & Dance List of Music and Dance Schools, Musicians, Dancers in Tamilnadu
  • Home & Garden Information regarding house keeping services, nurseries for pets, plants etc.
  • Astrology & Vasthu List of Astrology & Vasthu related websites
  • Festivals List of Festivals celebrated in Tamilnadu with links to various websites.
  • Sports Directory of Sports related websites from Tamilnadu.
  • Beauty & Fashion List of Beauty & Fashion related websites from Tamilnadu State.
  • Literature & Culture Websites dedicated to the Literature, Culture & Tradition of Tamilnadu are listed here.
  • Politics Politics related websites from Tamilnadu like websites of Political Parties, Political Leaders.
  • Fine Arts & Crafts Fine Arts & Crafts related websites, artists, art galleries and blogs & websites promoting arts and crafts in Tamilnadu.