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In Tamil Nadu, there are various housekeeping services that offer cleaning, cooking, and other household tasks. Some of the popular ones include UrbanClap, HouseJoy, and MyPurMaid. These services often provide trained professionals who can help with cleaning, laundry, cooking, and other household chores.

In terms of nurseries for pets, there are many options available in Tamil Nadu. Some popular pet nurseries include PET TERRA, The Madras Pet Point, and Adyar Pet Care. These nurseries offer various services such as pet grooming, pet boarding, and veterinary care.

For plant nurseries, there are many options available in Tamil Nadu as well. Some popular plant nurseries include Anand's Nursery, Green Earth Nursery, and Green Valley Nursery. These nurseries offer a wide variety of plants and gardening supplies, as well as expert advice on how to care for your plants.

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