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Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation:
Tamil Nadu Crafts Foundation:
Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai:
Art and Crafts Association, Chennai:


M. F. Husain (Pandharpur): One of the most celebrated artists of India.
Raja Ravi Varma (Kilimanoor): A painter who achieved recognition for his depictions of Hindu mythology.
K. C. S. Paniker (Kerala): One of the founders of the Cholamandal Artists' Village.
P. S. Kandan (Chennai): An artist known for his abstract works.
Senathipathi (Chennai): A painter who specializes in watercolor works.

Art Galleries:

Cholamandal Artists' Village (Chennai): A community of artists that was established in 1966.
DakshinaChitra (Chennai): A museum that showcases the culture and art of South India.
Forum Art Gallery (Chennai): A contemporary art gallery that showcases the works of established and emerging artists.
Vinnyasa Premier Art Gallery (Chennai): A gallery that showcases the works of Indian and international artists.

Schools and Centres providing art education are listed here : Art & Craft Courses