Emerald Publishers

Emerald Publishers was founded in the year 1982, by the father of the present CEO, who was till then Southern Regional Head at Blackie & Sons.

Emerald Publishers initially published books pertaining to English Literature. Over the years, it has specialized in English Language Teaching, with publications in Mathematics and also General books, apart from English Literature.

Emerald Publishers, a Chennai based English-books publishing firm is arriving at its twenty-fifth year of publishing. In the last 24 years, we have published more than 400 titles of which nearly 150 titles are active.

Emerald Publishers have published books on several subjects, our primary area of specialisation being ELT books, English textbooks and English Literature books, Mathematics books and books on Competitive Exams.

Emerald Publishers is located at its owned place in Chennai, one of the four major cities of the country. In Chennai, the office is at Egmore - the heart land of Chennai and a commercial centre.

Emerald Publishers
Flat No: 15A, I Floor,
Casa Major Road
Chennai - 600 008

Phone : +91-44-2819 3206, 4202 7222, 4214 6994
E-mail : info@emeraldpublishers.com

Web : http://www.emeraldpublishers.com/