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The Tamil Guardian is an English-language news portal that focuses on news and analysis related to the Tamil community and issues affecting Tamil people globally. Here's some information about Tamil Guardian:

The Tamil Guardian provides comprehensive coverage of news, politics, human rights, culture, and other topics concerning the Tamil community. It aims to highlight the perspectives and experiences of Tamils across different regions, including Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and the global diaspora.

The news portal covers a range of issues, including the political situation in Tamil-majority regions, civil rights, humanitarian concerns, social justice, and cultural developments. It also features opinion pieces, interviews, and in-depth analysis to provide insights into the complex dynamics impacting the Tamil community.

The Tamil Guardian places a particular emphasis on reporting and investigating human rights violations, conflicts, and reconciliation efforts in areas with significant Tamil populations. It aims to provide a platform for the Tamil voice and contribute to informed discussions and debates surrounding Tamil issues.

As an online platform, the Tamil Guardian operates primarily through its website (www.tamilguardian.com). Readers can access news articles, features, opinion pieces, and multimedia content on various devices.

Tamil Guardian - A newspaper covering Tamil affairs in Sri Lanka and abroad.

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