Chennai's first large-format mobile retail store. UniverCell have been cresting the wave of the Indian mobile revolution from the retailing front, growing and evolving to become India's largest mobile retailer and one of India's best known brands.

UniverCell has been able to leverage efficiencies of scale, providing the highest levels of service and options to consumers. UniverCell presenting a single face to its customers assures the same level of support (warranties, service, etc) from every single outlet across the country.

There are 100,000 people buying UniverCell handsets every month. This is the highest of any retailer in India.

Corporate Office:
No.278, Peters Road,
Sathya Building,Gopalapuram,
(Opp to Indian Bank)
Contact: +91-044-43930930
Fax: 044-43930940

Web : http://www.univercell.in/