Virakesari, the leading Tamil language newspaper published from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Virakesari was founded by a Tamil Chettiar by the name PR. Subramanian in the first half of 1900s. He was an entrepreneur from the village Avanipatti in Tamil Nadu, India. Avanipatti is a small village of the 96 villages of the Nagarathars.Then, it was the first and leading Tamil daily doing brisk business.

Later on, due to the Tamil-Sinhalese issues, many Tamil businesses had to be abandoned/sold-off. Veerakesari got out of the hands of its founder and was taken over by a Sinhalese group. It still does good business in Sri Lanka.

Virakesari already uses Summit NewsPro for managing its editorial production and will now be able to offer enhanced and more efficient services to its readers and advertisers.

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