Chidambaram greets us with a beautiful temple, dedicated to Lord Nataraja- God Siva in the form of a Cosmic Dancer. This is one of the few temples where Siva and Vishnu are enshrined under one roof.

Chidambaram is an ancient and renowned shrine in India. It is spiritual as well as historic. It noted for cultural significance. Chidambaram is associated with Nataraja or Lord Shiva in his Ananda Tandava fake (the Cosmic Dance of bliss) in the cosmic golden hall. Devotees of both, saivites as well vaishnavites visit Chidambaram as a pilgrimage spot.

Chidambaram is 250 Kms south of Chennai. It is on the railway main line. Roughly this is in the middle, between Chennai and Tiruchirapalli. Chidambaram can be reached by bus. Bus routes connect this town to various places in Tamil Nadu. This is a medium sized town with all facilities.

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