Drinking Water

Drinking water companies in Tamil Nadu provide packaged drinking water and water purification solutions to meet the needs of the population. Here's an overview of the history, top drinking water companies, and brands in Tamil Nadu:

The packaged drinking water industry in Tamil Nadu has witnessed significant growth in response to the increasing demand for safe and clean drinking water. The need for reliable and quality drinking water sources led to the establishment of various companies that cater to this requirement.

Top Drinking Water Companies in Tamil Nadu:

Website: https://www.bisleri.com/
Bisleri is a leading brand in the packaged drinking water industry and has a strong presence in Tamil Nadu. The company provides purified drinking water and offers various pack sizes to meet consumer needs.

Aquafina (PepsiCo)
Website: https://www.pepsicoindia.co.in/brands/aquafina.html
Aquafina, a brand of PepsiCo, offers purified drinking water and has a significant market share in Tamil Nadu. They use advanced purification techniques to ensure water quality.

Kinley (The Coca-Cola Company)
Website: https://www.coca-colaindia.com/brands/kinley
Kinley, a brand owned by The Coca-Cola Company, offers purified drinking water in Tamil Nadu. They have a wide distribution network and ensure water undergoes stringent quality checks.

Website: https://www.kingfisherworld.com/
Kingfisher, known for its presence in the beer industry, also provides packaged drinking water. They offer purified water under the brand name "Kingfisher Storm."

Website: http://www.aavawater.com/
Aava is a popular brand in Tamil Nadu that offers purified drinking water. They have established a strong market presence and provide various pack sizes to cater to different consumer needs.

Website: https://www.rocarewater.com/
Roca specializes in water purification systems and offers a range of water purifiers for residential and commercial use in Tamil Nadu. They focus on providing clean and safe drinking water solutions.

Aquasure (Eureka Forbes)
Website: https://www.eurekaforbes.com/aquasure
Aquasure, a brand of Eureka Forbes, offers water purifiers and water treatment solutions in Tamil Nadu. They provide a range of products designed to ensure clean drinking water.

These are some of the top drinking water companies and brands in Tamil Nadu. It's important to note that there are also several local and regional brands operating in the market. Consumers should consider factors such as quality certifications, pricing, and consumer reviews while choosing a drinking water brand that meets their requirements.

  • Aquafina : Aquafina website has info about products - bottled drinking water, aquafina flavorspash etc