Hande Hospital, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai

Hande hospital has recently been expanded into a 50 bed hospital. It is being run by Dr. H.Krishna Hande MS., FRCS., MCH(Plastic) FMMC., who is a General,Plastic,Laparoscopic and Cosmetic Surgeon.

He is ably assisted by his wife Dr.(Mrs) Indira Hande MBBS., DA who looks
after the administration of the hospital.

All minor and major Gastro-Enterological problems that require surgery are undertaken at Hande hospital including surgery of the stomach,small and large intestines(colon),and rectum.Surgery for cancer and
peptic ulcer is also performed.

Dr.H.KRISHNA HANDE, M.S., F.R.C.S., M.Ch., F.M.M.C.,

Tel : 91-044- 26644517,26646422,26645538, 26645509,30584002,30584003
Fax: 91-044- 26641563

Web : http://www.handehospital.com/