Kodaikanal is one of the beautiful hill station in India , it is unique rows and rows of silky pine trees sloping down to clear, cold streams, spectacular views which suddenly disappear in foamy mist, people bundled up in sweaters and overcoats this is certainly not everyone’s mental image of India.

Hill station, at 2133 metres in the Palani Hills, off-shoot of the Western Ghat Mountain range which runs north-south along the west coast of peninsular India. Kodaikanal is in Tamilnadu state, bodering Kerala.

April and May are the “season” months in Kodaikanal. The weather is mild and dry, plum trees are red with fruit and there is carnival-like atmosphere in town.

There is another “season”; September-October, between the south-west and north-east and north-east monsoons. There is less of a tourist frenzy at this time. Avoid November if possible, because although there are some beautiful dry blue-sky days, the north-east monsoon is on its way.

Web : http://www.kodaikanal.org/