MGM Dizzee World

M.G.M. Dizzee World, Asia's No, 1 Amusement Park, is located on ECR, 30 kilometers away from Chennai.

M.G.M. Dizzee World has a number of attractions like Arrow Loop-Corkscrew Roller Coaster, Balloon Race, Kamikaze Ranger, Merry Go Round, Revolution and Venture River.

The futuristic fun rides will take people to the frontiers of space. The rides at Dizzee World not only entertain the adults but also the children.

Mary World, a haven for children, is full of kiddy rides and nursery rhyme characters. Giant boot, Humpty Dumpty, Pumpkins are some of the nursery rhyme characters which are in place startling as real life characters. The Zip Dip, Giant Octopus, Aqua Tube are some of the attractions in the Water World.

MGM Dizzee World
No:1/74,East Coast Road, Muttukadu,
Chennai- 600 112

Phone number : 044-27472129
Mobile number : 9500063716 / 9500063717 / 9790955554
Fax number : 044-27472487
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