Srirangam is beautiful island surrounded by river Cauvery and Kollidam(tributary of Cauvery).

Srirangam is 8 miles in length and 4 miles in breadth. The population of Srirangam is about 50 thousands. It is 7 km from Trichy junction and it also has a railway station. The island town is surrounded by 7 walls. Sri Renganatha swami temple is one of the famous vaishnavite temples in India.

Srirangam is a holy place. Importantly for vaishnavates, because, their God Vishnu is in the name of “Renganathar” in a sleeping posture (called Anantha sayanam), which could not be seen any where else like this.

A Garden which grows mangoes is also here. The name of that is “Thatha Chariyar Gardens”. They export tons of mangoes every year.

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