Tamil Nadu Department of Tourism, Citizens Charter

The Department of Tourism is functioning with the avowed principles of achieving the above objectives consistent with the existing global scenario as well as national priorities and ethos.

Recognizing the importance of tourism and realizing its economic and social relevance, the department plays a pivotal role in Tourism management and promotion in TamilNadu. The Department has drawn up a strategy for the development of Tourism in the State.

The Government of Tamil Nadu is having its Tourist offices in all the importance Tourist Centres including State capitals like Mumbai, Calcutta, Goa and New Delhi. Besides, Tourist information Centres are functioning at Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram and Bangalore and also at importance Railway junctions, Airports in TamilNadu for the benefit of the traveling public. Through this information Centres, maps, brochures, folders, posters and travel plans are being distributed for the benefit of the tourists.