Thanjavur Royal Palace Museum

Royal Palace Museum is one of the ancient museums in the town which holds ancient items, images, paintings, sculptures. The most important fact is that this museum gives every detail about the earlier period.

The Royal Palace museum, Thanjavur is centrally located and is accessible by the tourist with the help of any mode of transport.

The paintings of the old Chola age, the sculptures and the statues of the Pallava dynasty and Chola dynasty enrich the place and make it significant. The rich heritage can be seen in the huge collection of the antiques, images, paintings and art in the museum.

The idols and the old sculptures from the age old temples like Brihadeshwara Temple and Gangaikondacholapuram Temple decorate the museum and allow the tourists to get an idea of the past.

Apart from the stone work, there are bronze sculptures. The ancient work of art, the glass paintings are the most attractive features of the museum.

The gallery of the sculptures only holds the statues from Pallava, Chola, Nayak and Pandya periods. There are house hold images that that depict the life of the common people of the age. They show the social picture of the age.

The societies, the interiors of the houses of the age are displayed in this museum.
The wooden furniture and the intricate wooden work show the heritage and background of art and crafts of Thanjavur.

The colorful paintings, the jewelry, costumes and reflect the lifestyle of the people of that age and are displayed for the visitors.

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