The Tuberculosis Research Centre (TRC), Chetpet, Chennai

The Tuberculosis Chemotherapy Centre (TCC), which was established at Madras (Chennai) in 1956 (under the joint auspices of the Indian Council of Medical Research, the Government of Tamil Nadu, the World Health Organization and the British Medical Research Council) to undertake studies on the domiciliary application of chemotherapy in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, was renamed as the Tuberculosis Research Centre (TRC) in 1978, in keeping with the expanded scope and widened sphere of its activities.

The Centre is housed in two main blocks, in a one-and-a-quarter hectare campus on Spur Tank Road, Chetput, in the heart of Madras city. The entire area and one of the blocks are the property of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Many of the research findings of the Centre have received world-wide recognition and acceptance and some of them have had a significant impact on the formulation of tuberculosis control programmes in Asia, Africa, South America and some parts of Europe.

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