VGP Universal Kingdom

VGP Universal Kingdom offers spectacular Rides.

The Park is open from 11.00 a.m to 7.30 p.m (8.00 p.m. on Weekends…) From Monday to Sunday. A locker Room is near the entrance to the Park, so that your baggage and other personal effects are kept safely. You are however advised to keep your Cash, Jewellry, Credit cards & other valuables with you.

AMUSEMENT Rides can be broadly categorized as (1) Children (2) Youth (3) Family. CHILDREN RIDES are Carousels (Merry-go-round), Baby Train, Revolving Cups, Twister, Water Duck, Mini Duck, Helicopter, Jumping Frog, Water Boat, Orbiter, Alaudin, Jump-in-Star, Joy Train, Trampoline and Bouncer, Parachute Adventure, Go Racer. The Kiddies Rides Paradise which hosts an assortment of video games and more than 30 coin operated rides, in a centrally air-conditioned hall.

YOUTH RIDES are Super Trooper, Chair -o-Plane, Dashing Cars, Water Chute, Mixer, Roller Coaster, Euro Bungee, Hydro Bike Go- Karting, Rodeo Bull.

FAMILY RIDES are Aero ship, Giant wheel, Break Dance, Super jet, Balloon Racer, Roller Coaster, Orbiter.

Park Address: VGP Universal Kingdom,
VGP Golden Beach
East Coast Road,
Chennai - 600 041
Tamilnadu, India

Phone : +91 7667847847

Web :