Vivekananda Museum, Chennai

Vivekananda Museum is one of the most celebrated Museums in Tamil Nadu that upholds the rich heritage of Indian Culture.

The Vivekananda Museum in Chennai has a plethora of unique and exquisite elements that acts a additives to its preexisting glory.

The Vivekananda Museum in Chennai is also known as the Illam. Previously, Vivekananda Museum used to be the store house of Ice that was brought from the North India.

It is a general belief that at Ice House Ice did not melt for a long time. The Ice Business flourished quite well in that area but in course of time the Vivekananda found that the place would be an ideal abode for relics and antique pieces.

Henceforth the building was confiscated by the Vivekananda of Chennai and ultimately it became one of the most significant Museums in Chennai.

Numerous Musical Instruments are on display at the Vivekananda Museum in Chennai. The teachings of the Vedanta, Philosophy and Upanishads are well preserved in some of the rare manuscripts housed in the Chennai Vivekananda Museum.

Vivekananda still acts an illuminating personality whose photographs and memoirs are kept with care and concern at the Chennai Vivekananda Museum.

Vivekananda Museum,
Kamarajr Salai, South Beach Rd
Phone: +91 (0) 44 2844 6188

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