How To Attend Interviews

After studies every one of us wants a good job. Each one of as will pass a interview section in some part of our life. There are companies coming in for the campus recruitment in colleges. When we attend any interview there are few steps to be followed to impress the interviewer. Some steps to be followed before attending interview are:

As we saw first impression is the best impression. We will have to definitely dress up very neatly in a presentable manner. Formal wear is the best dress code for any interview. For men it would be any light color shirt with pant and a tie with neatly combed hair. No flashy color dress, which will give a ugly look. For women it would be any light color shirt and pant or salwar with duppattas pinned, neatly combed hair and very limited jewellery. Dress should be ironed, because appearance matters a lot.

Before you attend interview, you should have your resume updated. One should also know what is in their resume, a resume should never be a copy of anyone else, it should have every thing
true about us. Never copy it from net or anywhere else. Interviewer will ask questions from the resume. Take a copy of your photo and certificates.

Always you should have a paper and pen to note down the questions and to solve them. So keep it in the file. The most important think to be prepared is about the company, learn what the company is, what are they doing and mainly what post you are applying for.

Have a good sleep at night before the interview, so that you can be fresh. At the interview Enter the room with the permission of the interviewer like asking him/ her May I come in. Never sit before the interviewer asks you to do so. It shows your behavior.

Give a firm handshake to the interviewer. Never be scared, after all the person sitting to interview you were at some point of time sitting in your position.

Start with a wish like good morning, good afternoon or by saying hello sir/madam.

Sit straight in the chair, the very first question asked will be to introduce you, which must be in an impressive way.

The most important thing next is the eye contact with the person interviewing you. Look into the eyes of the person and speak.

Listen very carefully to what is being asked. Give crispy and clear answer, answer only to what is being asked, do not stammer.

Be a optimistic never be pessimistic, show your positive attitude. Many may not like the college or the previous company you worked but even then never saw a bad opinion about them.

Don't argue with the interviewer, be polite and smile at appropriate time.

If we you are not sure with the answer be frank and tell them you don't know.

After the interview : At the end of the interview they may ask you whether you have any questions, try to use this opportunity to ask intelligent questions and show your talents. At the time of leaving always thank the person interviewed you and then leave the hall.

Be confident, interview not only depend on the way you answer them, luck matters too.