Tamil Film Stars Fans Club, RajniKant Fan Clubs, Vijay Fan Club, Ajith'sFans Club

A Fan Club can be defined as a group, dedicated to a well known person in any field. Most of these fan clubs are run by fans who spend considerable time and resources to supporting them. There are many official fan clubs which are run by someone associated with the person, the club is formed for.

Tamil Film industry or 'Kollywood' as it is called, is the second largest film industry in India, after Bollywood. There are thousands of fan clubs or associations for every popular star of Tamil film industry. These fan clubs sometimes functions as an organisation. They promote the movies of the star, the club is associated with.

All the major stars like Rajini Kant, Kamal Haasan, Ajith Kumar, Vijay have their fanclubs. At first only the popular actors had fan clubs in Tamilnadu. But later, the actress Kushboo had fan clubs dedicated to her.

Major Fan clubs in Tamil Nadu :

There are many fan clubs in Tamil Nadu dedicated to popular stars of film industry.

RajniKant Fan Clubs : Superstar Rajini Kant has got a number of fan clubs. Rajinifans.com is dedicated to the fans of Super Star Rajinikanth. It is definitely a first and largest E-Fans association for a South Indian Actor who made an impact in Tamil Nadu politics also. Rajinifans.com does a lot non-profitable social works which will ultimately benefit the society. The Rajini Fan Club of Thenkasi has announced a free gift of gold ring for every child born on June 15, the release date of RajiniKant's movie 'Shivaji'.

Head Quarters of Rajini Fan Club has instructed all its branches to inspect the theaters to prevent piracy videos. For this purpose, every branch has set up nine members anti piracy squad and the squad will inspect theaters and make necessary arrangements to the public to view the film conveniently.

Trisha Fan Club : Trisha's fan club members have adopted 11 orphans from an orphanage. Like all other fan clubs in the city, they too had put up posters, cut-outs and performed Paalabhishekam. There were many objections and criticisms. Trisha assured that the fan clubs wouldn't do such things in future and said that the fan club will instead concentrate on activities like eye donation and blood donation. Her fans followed suit immediately. They adopted 11 orphans. More details about Trisha foundation can be found at http://www.trishafoundation.org.

Vijay Fan Club : Vijay also got many number of fan clubs across Tamil nadu and Kerala.

Ajith's Fans Club : Ajithfans.com is the E-fans association of the actor Ajith. Ajith Fans did the usual milk abhishekam and beer abhishekam for Ajith cut outs and also distributed sweets to those who had come to see his latest film 'Kireedam'.