How to prepare for CAT Examination

As they say CAT by IIMs is not a selection process, it is an elimination tool. Each year the numbers of CAT aspirants go high.

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) are India's premier management institutes. In the examination the questions you leave may decide your success as the question you try.

It's not the university rank holders that get into IIMs, but the smart ones. Also understand that clearing not only written test is your priority, but you have to win in GD sessions and interview.

Every guy and girl has his strengths and weakness. Know what they are and study according to it. See where you stand currently you can do this by taking one or two mock tests After deciphering your strengths and weaknesses, it's time either to collect the reading material or to join a coaching class. Joining coaching class will be good as you
get help from the teachers.

The organization conducts exams regularly. You can also get expert advice and tuition for your non written tests. They help in organized study, and you can learn many new things that you haven't before.

You have to brush up your memory of the basics with the school text books. Time table is very critical part of your preparation. Give more time for phases you are not comfortable with. Make time table of your study plan.

Read news papers and magazines regularly.

Read on preparing on CAT .Read about successful students who cleared CAT.

Get inspiration and learn from them. The rest is up to you. Practice. Keep yourself updated with current affairs. You can join any public forum online or offline for practicing GD and Interview sessions. But don't think online participation will enhance your skill in your presentation.

Read fiction and non fiction books. Improve your reading speed. Reading is the strongest tool to hone your English skills.

Do lots of maths Give more time to your weaknesses and practice as much as you can.

Perseverance and patience are the two qualities which every aspirant should have as CAT will check aspirers by giving whole together a different paper each year. Also there are lots of
online forums and question papers to help you reach your goal.

Keep track of your performance and your mistakes.

Keep your mind and body fit by eating healthy food and exercise.

In this game the person who prepares smartly is the winner .Don't work hard work smart

Start early; give proper time for your studies you are sure to succeed. Good luck