Dieting Tips - Side effects of Improper Dieting and Good Dieting Tips

Slim and beautiful body is the dream of every teenage girl today. But they are not ready to wait for their dream come true for a long time. For loosing weight, some girls restrict their food intake to just two biscuits and a glass of lemon juice a day. The carving for being slim has spread among college girls like an epidemic. But they like fast food more than home made foods and cannot even think of exercising regularly. Ignorance about the correct method of dieting will cost young girls, their health itself. Many of them doesn't understand this basic fact.

Side effects of improper dieting : Without proper knowledge about dieting, youngsters tend to avoid many healthy items from their diet, and this leads to many diseases among them. Improper dieting creates the following side effects :

* When the amount of food intake is reduced, it causes anemia (reduction of blood hemoglobin). This affects the menstrual cycle and also pregnancy later.

* Crash dieting can cause strong psychological disorders.

* Absence of a balanced diet leads to the problems like lack of necessary proteins and vitamins in the body. This again leads to improper digestive process.

* When the people attains their desired level of slimness, they tend to discard dieting. When the dieting is stopped they will become fat again.

* Less amount of food will leads to loss in strength, anemia, sleeplessness etc. The anemic condition can sometimes cause serious consequences like fatigue.

* After long dieting, when the person starts eating, the body cannot adjust the food and causes gas trouble, heartburn and indigestion.

Ways to Diet properly : There are some small things to remember when you start dieting

* Do not avoid food for dieting. Take balanced food.

* Include fruits, vegetables, fresh sprouts, salad, skimmed milk, butter milk and juice in your diet.

* Avoid sweets and fried foods, for example, Samosa, Puffs, Chips, Chocolates, Jilebi, Ice creams

* Use of sweets should be restricted. When you get a carving for sweets, take fruits which are sweet.

* Do not skip breakfast in the name of dieting. Do not go out with an empty stomach

* Avoid fast foods like Pizza, Burger, Ice creams and chocolates * Use boiled egg instead of egg omelette and white meat instead of red meat.

* Do not use Parotta, Puri for breakfast. Use Milk, fruits and juice instead.

* Consult a dietician before starting a diet.