Gifting Ideas, gifts for various people and occasions like wedding, birthdays, parties, housewarming

Gifting is a common activity among all of us. Everyone loves gifting others and also to be gifted by loved ones. We all gift our near and dear ones on occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and festivals. Gifts are an expression of our love or friendship, or an expression of gratitude or solidarity to the person we are gifting. A gift can be any object, or even a memory close to the heart. It is not necessary that it be wrapped in gift papers. It can be accompanied by a note or a letter which may note the occasion. We frequently present gifts to our spouse, parents, children, boss, and even at various functions like weddings, house-warming ceremonies, birthday parties, farewell parties and also when visiting a new-born.

When we gift someone, the value of the gift is not the only thing that counts, but the love and affection associated with that gift. Gifts can be presented to various people:

For Husband: It is not necessary to present a very expensive gift to your husband. You can make a good dinner for him as a token of your love, with three or four of his favourite dishes. You need not wait for his birthday or anniversary to do this. This can be done on any normal day and it will surprise him when he returns from office after an exhausting day of work. He will feel he is being loved and cared for by his wife. But if you want to gift your husband an expensive item, then save the required money for 3-4 months before buying the gift. Don't remove the price tags from your husband's gift. A good husband will understand the importance of your gift even if it is cheap.

For Wife: A husband can gift his beloved wife with her favorite items during her birthdays or on your wedding anniversary. It can be a trip to her favorite destination or anything like new furniture which may be of use to her. When you give her an unexpected gift, it will add more sweetness. A husband can present his wife with things like a dress or a new mobile phone or some cosmetic product which is useful to her. It’s always best to buy items which she has been wanting for a long time as a gift. Don't give items which we need personally as a gift to your wife.

For Parents: Parents would be very happy when their children present them with gifts on their wedding day or birthday. You can take your parents to a surprise visit to their friend's or relatives place or a city where they worked in their early life. It will be pleasing for them to recollect their sweet memories of the young years in their life. Gifting them a new mobile phone is also a good choice. Things which will make their life easier will also help. Don't gift elder people with medical items which will only them about their unhealthy condition and illness.

For Children: Gift your small children with toys which will enhance their mental as well as physical growth like Painting sets, building blocks, jigsaw puzzles or clay for making different models. For teens, laptops, mobile phones, bicycles, a new headset, earphones, a play station set or new dresses will be delightful. If the child is not interested in reading, then don't gift them with books. They will only occupy a dusty corner of an unused cupboard later on.

For Boss: You can gift your boss with presents related to job. Colleagues can put in their contributions and gift your boss with some interesting items like books, home decor items, handicrafts or electric appliances.