Gifts for various occasions

How much one can spend for Gifts: One can buy gifts based on their financial position. But we can keep some points in mind when we select gifts.

1. For giving gifts to kid's friends, you can allote a money from Rs.150-Rs.500, not more than that, since kids will forget the value of money.

2. For elder's gifts, one can spend Rs. 500 to Rs.1000. But if we have two parties in a month, then the family budget will be affected.

3. If the wedding is of a neighbour or a distant relative, you need to spend only upto Rs.500. If the marriage is of your friend the budget can go upto Rs.1000. But if the marriage is of a close relative, gifts worth Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000 can be presented.

Gifts for various Occasions: We can give specific gifts for different occasions.

For Weddings

1. One of the popular wedding gift now a days is Diamond Jewellery. When you present Gold as gift, try giving it as gold bar or coin which will be more useful.

2. If the bride is a close friend of yours, then you can sponsor her beauty treatments as a gift from you.

3. Gift the newly wed with household utensils after enquiring with them about their needs. Give the bride with a cook book if she is going to enter the kitchen after marriage for the first time.

4. If you are planning to give a big amount as gift to a relative, present it as a gift cheque rather than any expensive item.

For Housewarming:

1. If the new house owner is a good friend, find out what he/she needs, try to find out what is their choice of the brand, colour etc.

2. If the house has small kids, gift them with little chairs or the cartoon stickers. If house owners are newly wed people, gift them with bed spreads or branded towels.

3. For siblings house warming ceremony, you can sponsor for Curtains, Fans, Electric Chimney etc.

For Party: Gift juice glasses, cutlery, lucky bamboo or picnic basket. Dinner table spread, embroidered table mats, home made food are some other options for gifting in parties.

For the New Born Baby: When you go for naming ceremony of the new born gift them with slightly big clothes. Gift gold as coins. For grand children, start an education fund in the kids name.

For Farewell: Collect money among staff, and gift an expensive gift for a farewell. If the retiring person still has financial difficulties, try to find a new job for him.

Don't Gift :

1. Deodorants - which will tell the person indirectly that 'you smell badly'.

2. Paintings - Sometimes even if the paintings are expensive the person who receives it may not find it so.

3. Don't gift with synthetic flowers and clothes.

4. Ashtray - Don't encourage bad habits of a person by gifting him with an astray.