Eat and Lose Weight : Eat vegetables and Fruits

Many people believe that they must eat abnormally little in order to reduce weight and that when they have achieved their ideal weight they think they can eat as before. This is an unsuccessful method. To lose weight you have to eat well and exercise, regularly.

Eat 5 or 6 small portion meals a day. This allows your body to burn the calories most efficiently and you will see the kilos melt away.

When you eat small portions a number of times a day, the calories will be quickly metabolized by your body. When you eat 3 large meals some of the food is burned off and excess
calories are stored as fat. The fact is you have to get your metabolism working quickly to burn fat quicker.

Eat when you are hungry Eating random snacks and junk food when you are not hungry is bad. This naturally leads to health afflictions such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes.
Every time you open the fridge door, ask yourself a question, why am I doing this? If it's because you're hungry, go ahead and eat.. But if it's because you're just bored, want something to do, close that door and walk away.

Eat Vegetables and fruits It's unlikely you'll gain excess fat. The nutrients your body acquires from the vegetables will assist your immune system and metabolism.

Eat cherries and strawberries

Eat Grapes: It helps your arteries work to their maximum and make blood run smoothly and quickly around the body.

Eat Apricots: If you are smoker this food is particularly useful, apricots are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C which helps repair smoke damage to the lungs.

Eat Salads both vegetable and fruit - that can be eaten with a spoon. Bottom line is that it takes longer to eat, fills you up and doesn't leave room for the potatoes and gravy.

When ever you eat your plate must contain 1/3 fibers (veggies, fruit, grain), 1/3 protein (lentils, fish, poultry, meat; alternate every day), 1/3 carbs i.e. carbohydrates Chilly sauce & mustard. These foods increase your calorie burning capacity by between 510% for up to 2 hours after eating. This is because they contain capsaicin which speeds the metabolism

Eat Fiber

Eating fiber foods to help keep things moving through your bowel and makes you feel full. Loose the meat, replace with FISH.