Nutrition and Dietetics Career in India

Nutrition is a science that studies the relationship between diet and health. Diet plays a crucial role in the health and well being of people. A good and balanced diet is essential for good health. Poor eating habits and lack of nutrition causes any diseases. Many of these diseases can be prevented with better nutrition. Nutrition and Dietetics is the field related to this aspect of health.

Dietetics is the science of managing food and nutrition to promote health. Dietitians are health professionals who specialize in this area of study. They are trained to provide safe and evidence-based dietary advice. Nutrition and Dietetics finds application in Medicine, Denistry, Veterinary Science, Agriculture and Public health. Understanding nutrition can help a housewife to balance the diet of her family.

Role of Dietitians/Nutritionists

Dieticians or nutritionists provides information on corrective eating habits and thereby helps to provide good health. People should be aware of the balanced diet their body needs, ie, a right mix of nutrients like vitamins, minerals etc. People suffering from particular diseases needs special care in their eating habits. Dieticians or nutritionists helps them to practice this food habits. Dieticians assists people in planning their meals depending upon their age, work field and sickness. They study the digestive process of the patient, the various reactions of food in the body and find out what is harmful and thus help to prevent diseases through a proper diet program.

Nature of Work

Organisations involved in the manufacture of food products seek the advice of the dieticians to plan and research new products. Dieticians work with food chemists and food technologists experimenting in food laboratories on flavour and dietetic problems. Dieticians also has a role in the catering in organisations like offices, residential schools etc.

Despite their important role, Dietitians/Nutritionists are often sidelined in the medical profession. Often their role in hospitals take a back seat when they are only expected to provide insipid food for recovering patients. But in recent times, the profile of a typical dietician has changed. Their work is appreciated and the multi-speciality hospitals providing international care to their patients are involving dieticians in a more constructive way. They can opt for teaching in different educational institutions like Colleges, Polytechnics, or Universities. They can also work as consultants or do private practice.

Personality Traits

A person interested to do a course in Nutrition and Dietetics needs to have an aptitude in food and diets and also an interest in Science. Good communication skills and writing skills is also an added advantage. They should have the qualities like patience, sense of teamwork and responsibility.