How to make people like you

It's our constant craving to be treated well and respected. But these won't come in just a day. You have to have some qualities to get what you want. The most important thing is the attitude you have to yourself, to the life and to others.

Being nice is not difficult, but it needs some polishing for others to realize your effort.As the old saying goes, you must first be a friend to have a friend and showing kindness attracts other people to you. Love begets love, respect begets respect. Focusing on positive traits within yourself and showing those to others encourage them to like you.

A smile on your face makes others smile to you. Smile yourself when you get up in the morning it will give a positive attitude to approach that day. Smiling is a universal

Greeting people around you will stir up conversation. The good thing is that you can greet anyone at any time. Don't disturb others if they are involved in some activities. Greet everybody you know, not only with that smile, but also with a hello or a good morning.

If you want people to say good morning, you should start saying good morning.

Do not hesitate to offer help. People are always in need of help, be the first one to offer a hand.

Remain honest and open. Help even the people you have never met before.

Don't judge them just by the way they dress. Don't treat people as if they are nobody. Avoid harsh judgments and unkind words. Don't try to push your views on them.

Give respect If you want people to like you, you have to treat them with respect. Show to those around you that you love them.

Showing people love brings love back to you. Make people feel good about themselves when they're around you.

Encourage them and compliment them.Be polite to them. Be humble

Talk about them and about what they values. Talk about small stuff that you know that the person would be interested in.

Pay attention and listen to what they say and be a friend.

Take care of yourself. Keep yourself healthy as well as mentally and physically fit.

If you don't take care of yourself how can people like you.
Be sure that you know how to say NO when it is necessary. Many people mistake niceness as a weakness.

Focus on the people around you that are positive and encouraging and don't be disappointed if every person you come in contact doesn't like you.

Be nice to everyone, even those who have been nasty to you.