Car Driving Tips - High Speed Driving and other Tips

For a safe driving it is necessary to follow some basic rules whether it is small car or a luxury car.

Rear View Mirrors : Before starting the vehicle adjust the rear view mirrors properly to get a clear rear side view. It should be adjusted in such a position that vehicle body should occupy 1/3rd of the mirror and rest 2/3rd is rear traffic for side mirrors.

Starting the Vehicle : Before starting the engine make sure that gear is in neutral and parking brake is applied fully. Do not crank the engine for more than 5 seconds at a time. Stop turning the starter immediately after the engine has started. If the engine doesn't start on the first try then wait for at least 10 seconds and try again.

High Speed Driving : Stopping distance will increase with vehicle speed. So apply brake accordingly. At high speeds vehicle may be affected with side winds. On rainy days aquaplaning can occur which is the loss of direct contact between road and tyre. So keep safe speed in wet roads.

Seat Belts : Always wear seat belts while driving. Now it is compulsory in many states for driver and passengers.

Other Tips

Don't drink and driveAlcohol and drugs can affect your ability to drive safely.

Don't start quicklyit will waste fuel

Obey traffic signals and signs.

Always keep a safe distance with other vehicles.

Before making a turn or changing lanes turn on the signal at least 50 meters before.

Avoid zigzag driving

When speed increases driver's visual range becomes narrow.

Don't turn curves at high speed.

Be very careful while overtaking and changing lanes.

Overtaking at night is very dangerous. Try to avoid it.

Use high headlight beam only very necessary.

Drive at a safe speed.

Don't make sudden stops and hard steering.

Carry all necessary documents like Registration Book, Insurance, Tax Certificate, Pollution under Control Certificate, Driving License etc

Keep all necessary medicines in first aid box

Service the vehicle as per the maintenance schedule

Periodically check for engine oil level, coolant, wiper water and brake oil

Make sure that all electrical equipments in the car are working properly

Avoid continuous driving take rest at least every four hours during long drives

Use Clutch only necessary. Don't use it like a foot rest.