Online Tuition or Educational Services Outsourcing (ESO) in India

Online Tuition is becoming more and more popular in India these days after BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). Thousands of Indian teachers get opportunities to teach children across the globe and earn a good amount of money through online tuitions. This has become another successful internet business in India. There is a growing demand for online tutorials in UK and USA now.

A large number of teachers from Asian countries particularly India and Pakistan are setting up online tuitions business during the American academic year start-up in September-October. Online tuitions or Educational Services Outsourcing (ESO) are becoming predominant in India as Indian educators are renowned globally and are on great demand.

Indian Scenario Indian teachers are offering their services to students in countries like US, UK, Canada and the Middle East. There are high demands for tuitions in Mathematics, English and Science. With many American students taking online tuitions, many Post graduate teachers in India sit before their PCs in the nights to teach students who are continents apart from them in USA. So this educational outsourcing has provided many youngsters with great opportunities to earn dollars sitting at the comfort of their homes.

Low cost and very good teaching methods of Indian teachers are attracting students world wide. On an average, an hour online class will cost $20 to the learner as against $40 to $50 in US. So the online tuitions are preferred by many American parents now.

Basic Requirement to start an Online Tuition Center The infrastructure needed for online tuitions is a broadband internet connection and a workstation with a whiteboard. The teachers and the students talk to each other with the help of hand free head sets and they can write down questions and answers on the workspace displayed on the computer screens on both sides using a digital pencil. They can see each other with the help of a web camera.

The teacher should understand the accent of the students and respond to them freely. The students comprise both boys and girls. The US books are made available to teachers online. There are online interactive tests and homework.

Online Tuition Sites There are a number of online websites where the teachers can register themselves stating their expertise in a particular subject. The sites take up work from SES (Supplemental Education Services) in the US.

Online tutoring is also an advantage for students pursuing long distance education. Students can study at their own conveniences within the confines of their home or office. Web based Tuition's Future in India With a large number of post graduates well-versed in English, India has the greatest potential to grow in the online tutoring industry. India now earns around 15 million US Dollars per year from online tutoring, about 10 per cent of the total market share.