Kids Events in Chennai : Colouring, Painting, Story Telling Competitions

There are many organizations in the city of Chennai which conducts contests, workshops, seminars, summer camps and competitions for children. The play schools, book shops, arts and crafts academies and many other organizations conducts these types of events and contests.

Today's children are very competitive, so anywhere there is a contest, there will be a big rush too. Kids with their parents throng the place well in advance and participate actively in these competitions. Kids from the age of three are invited to participate.

In most of the events, children can participate directly with out going through their schools. But some organizations, invite the schools to participate. In these events, the kids can participate through their respective schools only.

In addition to these types of events, there are many inter-school competitions also. Some of the Schools in the city conduct inter-school competitions inviting other schools in the city. Where ever there is an event or contest, there is a great enthusiasm among kids and parents, so there is always crowd.

The major plus point of these events is that the children get more exposure to the competitive world today. As the organizers give away certificates to each and every participant, every one will be happy too.

Kid's talents are showcased in these events. Little ones will no longer have the stage fear. They are ready to speak on stage on every occasion they get.

There are workshops for Story Telling, Drawing and Colouring, Puupet Shows, and many other interactive sessions for the kids. Parents as well as teachers can also participate in the workshops intended for them. Children are given training in arts and crafts, story telling, public speaking, drawing, chess, yoga etc. in the summer camps and also the regular workshops and programs conducted by various organizations.

Most of the competitions are advertised in the local news papers. There are some websites also, which posts these events information online. So the internet savvy people will know about the events fast.

Some of the websites which provides information about the events and workshops are:

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