C-Lasik Treatment - Cost, Treatment method and e-lasik Technology

Indian Medical Science has achieved global presence. There are many world famous doctors from India. The most sophisticated and advanced methods of medical treatment are available in India today. This helps our country in attracting foreigners and Non Resident Indians to our medical treatments. The C-Lasik treatment for the eyes is an important treatment which attracts a lot of people to India. C-Lasik Laser treatment will help people abandon spectacles forever.

C-Lasik Laser treatment is known as Customised Lasik, Wave front Guided Lasik in foreign countries. Enhanced vision and correction of eye problems can be achieved through C-Lasik treatment. Spectacles can solve only 92% of the eye problems only. The remaining 8% problems are due to problems named abrosions. C-Lasik solves all these problems also.

Cost of C-Lasik Laser Treatment : C-Lasik became popular about 10 years before only. About 50 lakh people used this treatment for correcting their eye problems. American or Japan made instruments are used for Lasik treatment in India. But the cost of the treatment is much less in India compared to other foreign countries. In USA, the C-Lasik treatment costs lakhs of rupees while it costs around 24000 rupees in India.

Who can use C-Lasik Treatment ? : The C-Lasik Treatment is done in people over 18 years of age and are using lenses in the same angle for more than one year. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are excluded from the treatment.

C-Lasik Laser Treatment Method : For the treatment, eyes are given sedation using medicine drops. Using Aberrometer, the optical imperfection of the eye is prepared. Sophisticated software then converts the map into the clinical ablation profile prescription. The prescription is transferred electronically to the computer controlling the laser. The surgeon uses a microkeratome to create the flap. The flap is then positioned to one side of the corneal bed as the Excimer laser beam is applied. Laser is passed through the eyes in 30 to 60 seconds and the cornea returns to the normal position in 2 minutes.

People who have undergone C-Lasik treatment are recognised by Indian Army also. Jawans who use spectacles are recommended C- Lasik treatment. Everyone who uses spectacles cannot undergo C-Lasik treatment. Cornea should be healthy in order to undergo this treatment.

E-lasik technology : Cornea's thickness and thinness are found out by ultrasound and e-lasik technology is used for this treatment. In this treatment laser rays are applied on the upper surface of the cornea. Bandaded Contact lenses are fitted on the top for 4 days. After the cornea becomes normal, lenses are removed.

Lasik treatment is not suitable for people who use spectacles above 15.0 angle. In this situation, lenses are placed inside the eyes to solve the problem.

In India, most of the big cities have C-Lasik laser treatment facilities. Technology worth crores of rupees is needed for this treatment.