How to Stay Calm & Peaceful in this Covid-19 Period ?

Corona Virus Covid-19 outbreak is spreading in an exponential way as more and more people in India are getting infected every day. Now everywhere is filled with corona related news – be it visual media, social or print media. So staying calm and peaceful in this atmosphere is very challenging. You need to take special precautions to stay positive in this difficult time.

First of all stop watching and following news about the corona virus issue. Our mental status or mood depends on the inputs we give to our brain through our senses – mainly through eyes and ears. Brain is fully depended on these inputs. Our subconscious mind keep on recording whatever we see and hear throughout the day irrespective of whether it is good of bad. So when you watch a negative news related to corona in TV or in social media or read in newspaper your brain is storing all that data. You may forget what you read or watch in few minutes but the entire content will be stored in your memory without even your active knowledge. These data becomes a reference point and your mood and overall mental status will be decided based on these data for next few hours or days.

In media they mainly project negative and sensational news only. We cannot blame them because it is their job and now journalism is a pure business. They are interested in sensational news only. So they ignore or will not give much importance to positive and inspirational news. So as you keep on watching TV news or social media news updated more and more negative content get accumulated in your memory and remember these things are going to decide your beliefs, addictions, habits, thinking patterns, perceptions etc. So be very careful what you input through senses.

Also a big percentage of the news and forwards in social media are fake. People will purposefully mislead you to think and act in their favor. An important aspect of subconscious mind is it does not do any logical checking. It writes to memory whatever it comes to its way. Normally our conscious mind acts like a gate keeper and send data to subconscious mind before checking it. But sometimes when you see the same fake news multiple times higher changes are there that it can skip this checking and enter the subconscious.

So not only in this epidemic period, always it is better to stay away from negative news and negative content. Try to be in a positive environment always. Watch relaxing TV shows or movies, listen to relaxing music or inspirational speeches, follow your passion, do something creative, spend time with your family.

Also it is very important keep a good mental health during this kind of situation because if you are in stress or mentally in a bad mood that can seriously affect your immunity. When you are stressed, body’s first priority is to come out from that. So your immunity and other functions like digestion, healing etc will be compromised. So stay calm, stay healthy.