Top Free Text to Video AI Tools

The text-to-video AI scene is exploding, and free tools are making video creation accessible for everyone! Here are some top contenders to turn your written word into captivating visuals:

1. Hour One: This user-friendly platform lets you generate videos with AI actors lip-syncing to your script, choose from multiple characters, and add text overlays. The free plan allows for 5 minutes of video per month, great for short explainers or social media clips.

2. DeepBrain AI: With DeepBrain, you can create engaging product demos, explainer videos, and presentations with realistic AI avatars delivering your message. The free plan gives you 3 minutes of video per month and several avatar options.

3. InVideo: This popular platform offers a text-to-video feature alongside its extensive video editing tools. Simply input your script, choose a template, and InVideo will automatically generate footage and music. The free plan includes limited access to this feature but lets you experiment with basic video creation.

4. Elai specializes in creating social media-friendly clips from your blog posts or articles. Enter your text, select a style, and let Elai turn it into a dynamic video with images, text overlays, and music. The free plan allows for 3 videos per month, perfect for promoting your written content.

5. Lumen5: Lumen5 uses your text and keywords to find relevant stock footage and music, creating a video montage in minutes. The free plan offers basic features and limited video length, but it’s a good option for quick video summaries or educational content.


  • Synthesia: While not entirely free, Synthesia boasts incredibly realistic AI avatars that can lip-sync and even act out emotions. You can try it for free with limited features, but its full potential requires a paid subscription.

  • This tool focuses on generating video scripts from your text, helping you craft engaging narratives for your video projects. The free plan allows for limited script creation, but it’s a valuable tool for anyone struggling with video storytelling.


  • Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. Consider your video goals and audience when choosing the right tool.
  • Text-to-video AI is still evolving, so expect some limitations and glitches.
  • Free plans often have usage restrictions, so check before you dive in.

With these free tools at your fingertips, you can transform your written ideas into captivating videos and engage your audience like never before. Go forth and unleash your inner video storyteller!