Becoming a better sales man

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A sales manís job is most challenging and the most rewarding position in the planet. But many people wonít succeed because they have less interest or donít have persistence. These are some tips to increase your selling potential. 

A common trait of most salesmen is that they are early risers. So get up from bed early and get into action. It has psychological effects too. 

Invest in yourself 

Read about marketing for an hour. It gives inspiration as well as if you continue to do for 2 years you will have the knowledge of a Phd. on that subject. Never stop learning. Read daily newspapers, industry information, and attend sales seminars.  

Know your product and believe in it 

If a customer sees that you really know what you are talking about, then they are more likely to buy from you. 

Dress better 

When you feel the top of the world, it brings out your best. And sales are all about confidence. Confidence is the positive attitude and one of the most important characteristics of top sales producers 


Be systematic in your approach and persist in the industry. Try to work in same company which will make your potential customers believe in you. 


Good Salespeople follow a system.

Always prepare before going to meet a potential customer. Plan the work and work the plan Unsuccessful selling is generally the result of too little thinking and planning. Create interest in them.

List down questions that they may ask and prepare answers for it.

Decision makers

Meet the right people. Always check before you start the selling process that you are presenting to the right person, that is one who can make the decision to buy, or influence the decision to buy. 

Face to face 

The hardest skill to grow is facing the customer, because you have to be very articulate and presentable. Create desire heighten the prospectís reason to buy based on the need, give benefits and gain agreement on each. Great salespeople know how to listen to their customers.

It is your job to make the customer aware of his needs and to reinforce his desire to make the decision to purchase from you.

Follow up rigorously


They say ĎA good sales man is one who sells ice cream in ice land.í 

In the sales process you may spend hours on a presentation or conversation with one customer, and get nothing out of it. Donít get discouraged. The more you try to sell, the better at it you will get. Treat every customer as if it is your only customer, and always work with them after the sale. He will tell people about you. 

The value of each customer is priceless. Build long-term relationships

The goal of salesman is to consistently increase your rate of sales. There is no end. 

In sales you are in control of your destiny, you can make as much as you want.

Always remember Ďwhen the customer says no, their start the business.

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