Gautham Menon

Gautham Menon is a tamil film director, who has helmed several successful films and has made stars out of actors such as Madhavan (Minnale) and Surya (Kaaka Kaaka).

He also had huge success with Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu starring Kamal Haasan. He was an ad film maker, shooting various commercials after a good apprenticeship under noted filmmaker Rajiv Menon. He worked as an assistant director for Minsaara Kanavu.

His first film in Tamil was Minnale (2001), with Madhavan, Abbas and Reema Sen playing the lead roles. The film was a huge hit because of its young and peppy story, brilliant comic timing from the acclaimed comedians Vivek and DJ Ravi and also because of some new lilting music from debutante music director, Harris Jeyaraj which was subsequently remixed brilliantly by DJ Ravi.

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