Tamil Film Directors

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Listings of popular Tamil Film Directors who made their footprints in the Kollywood like S.Shankar, Cheran, K.Balachander, Balu Mahendra, Mani Ratnam and many more.

  • Director Shankar Online : Tamil film sirector Shankar Official Website information.
  • A. R. Murugadoss : He has done four films. He has directed top heroes in Ajith Kumar, Vijaykanth, Surya and Chiranjeevi.
  • R. K. Selvamani : R.K. Selvamani made his debut with the thriller Pulan Visaranai; based on an allegation by Auto Shankar that he had kidnapped many girls at the behest of some political bigwigs.
  • Gautham Menon : Gautham Menon is a tamil film director, who has helmed several successful films and has made stars out of actors such as Madhavan (Minnale) and Surya (Kaaka Kaaka).
  • Cheran : His movies are characterised by their realism and the strong social messages that they convey.
  • Bala : Bala has directed the movies Sethu, Nandha and Pithamagan.
  • Balu Mahendra : He started his film career as a cameraman for the Malayalam film Nellu in 1974 which got him the best cinematographer award from the Government of India.
  • S. Shankar : S. Shankar has made many Tamil movies which have social themes with a commercial narration
  • P. C. Sriram : P. C. Sriram is known for his frequent collaborations with the director Mani Ratnam.
  • K. S. Ravikumar : His movies are more have mixtures ranging from comedy to action thrillers.