Saravana Stores Thanga Maligai

Saravana Stores Thanga Maligai is a popular jewellery store located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Here is some information about the history, profile, and attractions of the store:

History of Saravana Stores Thanga Maligai:

Saravana Stores Thanga Maligai was founded by Mr. A.R. Shanmugam in 2003. The store is part of the larger Saravana Stores group, which is well-known for its retail stores selling a wide variety of products.

Profile of Saravana Stores Thanga Maligai:

Saravana Stores Thanga Maligai is known for its wide range of jewellery, including gold, diamond, and silver pieces. The store offers both traditional and modern designs, as well as custom design services for customers who want to create unique pieces.

In addition to jewellery, Saravana Stores Thanga Maligai also offers a range of other products, including textiles, electronics, and home appliances. This makes it a popular one-stop-shop for many customers.

Attractions of Saravana Stores Thanga Maligai:

One of the main attractions of Saravana Stores Thanga Maligai is its competitive pricing. The store is known for offering high-quality jewellery at affordable prices, making it accessible to a wide range of customers.

The store is also known for its excellent customer service. The staff are highly knowledgeable about jewellery and are always willing to offer advice and guidance to customers. The store also offers other services, including jewellery repair and cleaning.

Overall, Saravana Stores Thanga Maligai is considered to be one of the top jewellery stores in Chennai, with a reputation for offering a wide range of high-quality jewellery at competitive prices, as well as excellent customer service and a range of other services.

SARAVANA STORES – the name known to the Indians for their quality products at the very economical pricing. They own a large jewellery showroom in Chennai. They have their own Big Showrooms located at T.Nagar in Chennai.


Saravana Stores Thanga Nagai Maligai
115, Usman Road (Near panagal Park),
Chennai-600 017.

Phone: +91-44-24356060/6061

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