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Unlike others, the GRE allows you a second chance. If at the end of the test, you feel that you've definitely not done well as you can, you have an option to cancel your score.

The tricks, you must decide whether you want to keep your scores before the computer shows them to you. If you cancel, your score will be disregarded. Canceling a test means that it won't be scored. The score will not be known to anybody, even you. It will appear on your score report as cancel test.

If you do cancel, your future score reports will indicate that you've canceled a previous test. But since the canceled test was never scored, you don't have to worry about bad numbers showing up on any subsequent score report. If you take more than one test without canceling, then all the scores will show up on each score report, so graduate schools will see them all. All GRE testing administrations will be listed in your ETS record for five years.


The computer based GRE is offered year-round. To register for and schedule your GRE, use one of the options below.

Register online

You can register online (if you are paying with credit card) at Once the registration process is complete, you can print out your voucher immediately (and can reprint it if it is lost).

Register by phone

Call 1-800-GRE-CALL or 1-800-529-3590 (TTY).A confirmation number, reporting time, and test center location will be given to you when you call. Though you can register by phone up to two days before the exam, registering earlier is strongly recommended since spaces often fill quickly, Payment can be made with a Visa, Master card, or American Express card.

Register by Mail

Complete the Authorization Voucher Request from found in the GRE Registration Bulletin. Mail the fee and signed voucher request form in the envelope provided to the address printed on the voucher.

ETS advises that you allow up to four weeks for processing before you receive your voucher in the mail. When you receive your voucher, call to schedule an appointment. Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issue.

When you register, make sure you list a first and second choice test center. If you register online, you can confirm test center availability in real time.


Before the test Choose a test date


Receive your admission voucher

Check out your test center

Create a test-prep calendar to ensure that you're ready by the day of the test.


Subject test are designed to test the fundamental knowledge most important for successful graduate study in a particular subject area. In order to do well on a GRE subject test, you need to have an extensive background in the particular subject area .Note every graduate school or program require subject Tests, so check admission requirements at those schools in which you're interested.