Tamilnadu Temples - Thanjavur, Kanchipuram, Kumbakonam, Palani and Chennai Temples

Thanjavur Brihadeeshwara Temple : The most striking feature of Brihadeeshwara Temple is its Vimana. It is 65 metres high and is built in such a way that its shadow does not fall on the ground. It is referred to as Dakshina Meru. The Nandi, which dates back to the Nayak period, is housed in its own mandapam and it matches up to the grandeur and size of the temple. Thanjavur is very well connected to the other cities by road and rail.

Kanchipuram Ekambareswarar Temple : Ekambareswarar Temple is one of the Panchabhoota Stalams signifying the 5 elements of wind, water , fire , earth and space. This is a large temple with many towers, mandapams and long corridoors. The presiding deity here is Ekambareswarar or Shiva, worshipped as the Prithivi Lingam.

Kambahareswarar Temple, Tribhuvanam, Kumbakonam : Kambahareswarar Temple is a spectacular temple built in the period of the later Cholas. The temple seems to be a blend of the Tanjavur and Darasuram temples. The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Kumbeswara and the presiding Goddess is Sri Mangalambigai.

Arunachaleshwar Temple, Tiruvannamalai : Lord Annamalai appears to visionary souls in the form of conflagration attended with light and heat, but to an ordinary observer there is rocky hill in this place. On entering the temple through the east tower the big structure one faces on the right is the thousand pillared hall. There are indications that it was built by Krishnadevaraya.

Palani Andavar Temple : Palani is one of the most visited temples in Tamilnadu and is one of the revered 6 Padai Veedu shrines of Murugan. Palani Andavar Temple with a gold plated vimanam is located on top of the Palani hill. This temple follows a calendar of festivals throughout the year. The annual Bhramotsavam is celebrated in the month of Panguni.

Swamimalai : Swamimalai Temple is built on an artificial mound accessed through a flight of 60 steps symbolizing the 60 years that constitute the cycle of years in the Indian calendar. Swamimalai is one of the six renowned abodes of Lord Subramanya. The presiding deity is worshipped as Swaminathan.

Kapaleeswarar Temple, Mylapore, Chennai : Kapaleeswarar temple is an ancient shrine glorified by the Tamil hymns of Tirugnanasambandar in the 7th century. A towering Rajagopuram with several stucco images adorns the Eastern entrance to this shrine, where the sanctum faces the West, where the temple tank is located. Six worship services are offered each day here.

Parthasarathy Temple, Tiruvallikkeni, Chennai : The Parthasarathy temple which attracts huge crowds during Vaikuntha Ekadasi, has been glorified by the hymns of the Alwar saints of the 7th-9th centuries. Tiruvallikkeni is considered equivalent to Tirupati.

Tiruvotriyur Tyagarajar Temple, Chennai : Tiruvotriyur is a well renowned shrine known for Tyagarajar, and for the grandeur of the temple and the festivals celebrated. Tyagarajar's dance here is Sundara Natanam. The grand festivals celebrated here are of great significance and are centered around the dance of Tyagarajar.

There are many more temples which are of fame in Tamilnadu. A large number of temples dedicated to different deities are present in Tamilnadu. Many of the temples have historical importance also.