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Directory of Tamil Nadu Astrologers and astrological websites List : astrological services, nadi jothidam, famous astrologers and websites with contact info.

Here are some popular astrologers in Tamil Nadu:

Dr. Baskaran Pillai - He is a world-renowned spiritual leader, yoga master, and scholar in Tamil astrology and has published several books on the subject.

S. Sundar Narayanan - He is a famous astrologer in Chennai who has been practicing Vedic astrology for over 30 years.

R. G. Rao - He is a well-known astrologer in Chennai and has published several books on astrology and its practical applications.

Nadi Astrology - Nadi Astrology is a popular form of astrology in Tamil Nadu, and there are several Nadi astrologers across the state. Some of the famous Nadi astrologers include Vaitheeswaran Koil Nadi Jothidar, Agathiyar Naadi Astrology, and Siva Naadi Jothida Nilayam.