Music & Musical Instruments Schools

There are several music and musical instrument schools in Tamil Nadu that offer training and education in various forms of music and instruments. Here are a few notable ones:

Tamil Nadu Government Music College: Located in Chennai, this college offers diploma and degree courses in music and various musical instruments. It has a faculty of experienced teachers and provides a strong foundation in classical music.

KM Music Conservatory: Founded by renowned musician A.R. Rahman, this conservatory in Chennai offers courses in Western classical music, Indian classical music, and music technology.

Kalakshetra Foundation: Based in Chennai, this institution offers training in classical dance, music, and various musical instruments. It is known for its emphasis on traditional and authentic forms of Indian music.

Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music: Located in Chennai, this academy offers courses in contemporary music, music production, and sound engineering. It has a faculty of accomplished musicians and provides a modern and innovative approach to music education.

Sangeet Vidyalaya: This music school in Coimbatore offers courses in Carnatic and Hindustani classical music, as well as various musical instruments such as the violin, mridangam, and flute.

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