Social Networks

Directory of Social Networking Websites.

Here are some popular social networking websites:

Facebook -
Twitter -
Instagram -
LinkedIn -
Reddit -
TikTok -
Pinterest -
Snapchat -
Tumblr -
YouTube -

These social networking websites allow users to create profiles, connect with others, share content, and engage in online communities based on interests, hobbies, professions, and more. They offer a variety of features, including messaging, live streaming, and group discussions, and are widely used for personal and professional networking, socializing, and entertainment.

  • College Canteen : College Canteen is a social network for international student and academic population.
  • Orkut : orkut is an online community designed to make your social life more active and stimulating.
  • : is a online community - CiteMan Network
  • Facebook : Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.
  • : is an Indian Social Networking site by the leading media group Indiatimes.
  • Facebook Chat : Facebook Chat helps to chat with facebook friends right from the desktop with an instant messaging software installed on Windows, Mac or Linux.