Impact of Green House Gases & Measures to Control Global Warming

The two main green house gases are water vapour and CO2 which are controlled by the hydrological cycle and CO2, which is controlled by the global carbon cycle. It is found that an increase in 0.5 degree C temperature and 5 to 10 cm rise in sea level over a period of 100 years.

This is due to constant increase in concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere by human activities, such as deforestation, industrialization, increased burning of fossil fuel, mining, exhaust from automobiles and other anthropogenic activities.

Impact of Green house effect and global warming:

Due to global warming rise of 1.5degree C temperature can adversely affect the food production; biological activity, increased breeding of pest and diseases.

Some of the harmful effects are listed below.

Climatic change

Melting of ice

Rise in sea level

Submergence of coastal wet lands

Change in crop patterns

Dispersion of toxic chemicals

Effects on ecosystem and bio diversity

Change in hydrological cycle

Change in soil characteristics

Change in wind movement

Effects on human health-distribution of vector borne diseases like malaria, filarial etc. higher temperature, humidity increase respiratory skin disease.

Depletion of ozone layer.

Causes acid rain.

Measures to control or limit Global Warming Some of the measures to check Global warming are:

Cutting the emission ofCO2, reducing the usage of fossil fuel and inverting energy conservation measures and utilizing renewable energy sources Wind, solar, hydro power roller etc.
Implementing of reforestation programme to enhance the natural sinks of CO2.

Adoption of sustainable agriculture.

Removing atmosphere CO2 by utilizing photosynthetic algal.

Cut down the current rate of use of CFC and fossil fuel.

Efficient energy management.

Shift to renewable energy resource.

Increase in plantation of trees.

Trap and use methane as a fuel.

Adopt sustainable agriculture.

Stabilize population growth.

Control measures to remove CO2.