Home Security - Precautions outside home, Preserve the proof, Home theft insurance

Women should learn some safety tricks these days. When you see a theif unexpectedly, do not loose your courage. Try to learn Judo and Carate. You will get more confidence in managing a
theif. Those thieves who snatches jewellery will have a common modus operandi.

They will snach chains from behind. They may use their left hand to close lady's mouth and use their right hand to snach the jewels. Women have to try to remove the thieves left hands and push him in his abdomen. Use safety pins or sharp materials if they are handy to you. Make sounds and attract others attention.

* Avoid using so many jewels during travel, marriages, and other parties. It will give an idea to others that you have jewels at home.

* Do not follow the theif outside the home during nights.

* Do not remove all the foot wears in front of your home when you go out. It will give a suspicion that people are inside the home.

* Lock all the doors inside the house even if you are going out for some time only also in the day time as well as the night.

Don't spoil the proof Be very careful that you do not spoil the proof if a theft has occurred in your house. All the thieves will leave some loop hole for the police. Inform the Police as soon as you find out that your house has been burglared. Do not check the cupboards, fridge etc where there can be
finger prints of the thief.

Do not touch any thing left off by the thief like his chappals or any cloth used by them. Do not loose the smell inside the house so that the Police dog can be made useful. So avoid allowing others come into the house before the Police arrives.

Home Theft Insurance : You can insure your home and the appliances in case of a theft. Insure against Fire, Theft, Damage or complaints to TV, Fridge and Computer, loosing items during travel etc. House holders insurance which includes all these is issued. Insurance term is for one year.

For insuring things for Rs. 1 lakh, insurance companies will charge you with a premium of Rs.240. For insuring gold ornaments and for travel insurances, premium will be slightly higher. You will get the insurance amount for lost items if you are traveling in India.

When you find out that there has been a theft, inform the police immediately. Fill the form detailing the lost items and submit to the insurance company for claim. All the public sector insurance companies like National Insurance, United India Insurance, New India assurance, Oriental Insurance and the private sector companies have the same tariff for the insurance premium.

Make use of all the safety measures available to you when you build a house and also be very careful with strangers when you are alone at home to avoid becoming a victim of theft.