How to Stay Calm and Confident in this Corona Virus Covid 19 Period ?

Corona Virus Covid 19 is spreading all over the world at very fast rates - something we have never seen in life before. Even Though pandemics like Spanish flu created havoc like this a century ago, most of us only heard about it. So our life is now in an uncharted territory and we have to be extremely cautious and be calm and confident to overcome this crisis which normally happens once in a century or so and unfortunately we are the victim this time.

So how to stay positive and calm in such a pandemic period. First and foremost thing is avoid watching or reading too much news about it. It is better to switch off your TV news channels or watch something else like a relaxing movie or a comedy program. Our brain doesn’t have an option to collect any data directly from outside so it fully depends on our senses - in that mainly seeing and hearing. So our subconscious mind keeps on recording whatever your eyes and ears bring every second without even your knowledge. These data will be added to your memory and kept there for future reference.

Problem with television news and newspapers is they are only interested mainly in negative news. We cannot blame them because they are also doing business. Our mind also has a tendency to stick to negativity. So people are interested in negative and sensational news mainly. So when you watch tv news for hours daily all these negative data get piled up in your memory. Your state of mind is based on these data. So you will become more irritated, anxious, short tempered and nervous because all these data start to reflect in your attitude, beliefs and behaviour.

So if you have a habit of watching tv news continuously, stop it immediately. Watch it once in a while may be 10 to 15 minutes daily just to know the main happenings in your town or city and the world. After the corona virus outbreak started peaking in India many of my relatives and friends told me that they are feeling very nervous and anxious. Then I recommended this technique and they said within 2-3 days after stopping watching and reading corona related news their mind became very calm and peaceful.

Similarly ignoring negative news, the opposite also will work - sticking to positive news and relaxing things. Talk to friends or relatives who have a positive attitude and mindset, watch relaxing movies and comedy shows, listen to relaxing music and inspirational speeches, watch inspirational and motivational videos on YouTube, do something creative, follow your passions, enjoy time with family, encourage and motivate yourself etc also will help. Your mood is entirely in your control. Knowingly or unknowingly we are feeding so much negativity every day and that is reflecting in our mood. If you change those habits then you can easily control it.

Nowadays social media also makes a big impact on our lives. Most of us are really addicted to it. Problem with social media is that most of the news and information circulating in it are either fake or exaggerated. People are making such forwards to mislead you or deceive you. So if you don’t take special precautions that will harm you. Our subconscious mind has a peculiar property - it stores whatever it comes to it without even cross checking or validating it. No logical checking at the subconscious level.

Normally our conscious mind cross checks everything and then only sends to the subconscious. But when you hear the same fake news multiple times higher chances that it can enter the subconscious without the logical checking of the conscious mind. Once it reaches the subconscious it goes to memory and becomes part of you. That will become your belief and your behavior and attitude will be based on that after that. So be careful with social media usage too. Be careful what you see and hear - not only social media everywhere. Don’t allow others to hypnotize you. Even if your friends or relatives can say some fake news multiple times you may start believing it. This is the reason for that. So take care of your senses then everything will be fine.

If you are nervous or anxious or stressed about corona virus covid 19 outbreak there is another problem too. When you are stressed, the body's first priority is to come out from that. As per our internal system stress is more dangerous than a virus threat or illness. Since the body is fully concentrated in dealing with the stress it doesn't get enough time to fight for the disease. Your immune system will be seriously impaired and that increases the chance of virus infection and also affects the recovery in an infected person. So be cool and peaceful. That is the best option since there is no vaccine or medicine for this corona virus. It will not happen automatically. You need to take special precautions to keep calm and confident. This will help you and your family to survive in these types of difficult situations.