Recession Survival Tips

Use credit card to a minimum as they are charging high interest rates. Compulsive buyers buy with cards and later find no money to pay. So it's better to stay away from cards.
Help our country to benefit from your living, if you have a choice to buy an Indian product, buy it.

Avoid monopolistic companies. Know that there is no Indian cola. Income may come from different sources.

If your primary source of income is from your job, protect it. Upgrade your skill sets, be more dedicated and spend extra time at office. Have a plan B if you lose your job. Always be knowledgeable about new opportunities also update your resume regularly.

Look out for a second income. Live within your means. Used appliances and goods will be available cheap, as there are lots of sellers. Evaluate your loan. Refinance for better offers. If you have good payment history banks are still there with open hands. Reduce your spending.

Make an emergency fund. Financial planners agree that an emergency fund should be equal to at least six-month worth of living expenses All investment you have is at risk so diversify the investments, diversify risk and don't stop savings.

People who have earned well and saved enough, it's their time again, they can buy asset dirt cheap.

Recessions may very well be the greatest investment opportunities of a person's lifetime.

Investing in real estate is one of the best ways that you can make money.

Food, healthcare, repair services are some of the businesses which will go up or stay unaffected during recession Agriculture is relatively safe and secure compared to so many other businesses.

At least raise some vegetables in your backyard. It's good for earth, your pocket, and your health.

Be smart enough to take advantage of the situation. Any way that piece was not for my brothers who were not having good time during the boom.

The greater the contraction, the greater the rebound is the principle.