Use Credit Card Wisely 3 - Precautions, New Trends and Troubleshooting

Don't let the card out of sight while it is being swiped.

Cover CVV code The CVV code is a three/four digit code printed on the back side of the credit card which is required for online transactions. Paste an opaque sticker on this code.

Inspect the credit card after it is returned back to you.

Don't use credit card in sites which are unknown and if you are not sure about.

Look for the secure https sign instead of the usual http://www. in url.

Look for the 'Verified by' sign. This indicates that the site has safeguards that have been passed by an independent authority.

Lifetime free cards

The industry is graduating to a level where annual fees are being waived off. It's best to double-check with the bank what they have promised you about all annual fees being waived off; you may even find the fee come in new name.

Encountering problems

On encountering problems with cards, like they sending unsolicited credit cards, Credit Card Company doesn't send the bill on time and you are being asked to pay more money.

If there is no response after filing an official complaint in their site, even after 15 working days, you can complaint to the banking ombudsman appointed by RBI on Think a second before closing credit card that still have balance or those that make up a significant amount of your credit history.

Looking to benefit with reward points and offers provided by card will ultimately lead to buying product you don't need.

The best advice I have heard about credit card is never to use it or have one. There will be better way to discipline and track your savings.

To use credit card to your benefit, in itself is a career. Banks are doing that and making sure they get benefited, and you can't outsmart them in their game. If you use that energy and intelligence in your career it will pay you back.