Judiciary & Law

Tamil Nadu has a well-established judiciary system with a hierarchy of courts that handle civil and criminal cases. Here is an overview of the judiciary and law in Tamil Nadu:

The High Court of Madras: The High Court of Madras is the highest court in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. It has original jurisdiction over the state and appellate jurisdiction over Puducherry. The court has benches in Madurai and Tiruchirappalli.

District Courts: Tamil Nadu has 32 districts, each with its own district court that handles both civil and criminal cases.

Sessions Courts: Sessions courts are located in each district and have jurisdiction over criminal cases that are triable by a court of sessions.

Family Courts: Family courts deal with matrimonial disputes, including divorce, child custody, and property division.

Small Causes Courts: Small Causes Courts handle small disputes related to property, rent, and other civil matters.

Consumer Courts: Tamil Nadu has several consumer courts that handle disputes related to consumer complaints and grievances.

Legal Aid: The Tamil Nadu State Legal Services Authority provides free legal aid to the underprivileged and disadvantaged sections of society.

Tamil Nadu Advocates Welfare Fund: The Tamil Nadu Advocates Welfare Fund provides financial assistance to lawyers who are facing financial difficulties.

Tamil Nadu Police: The Tamil Nadu Police is responsible for maintaining law and order in the state and preventing crimes.

Listing of Judiciary websites of Tamilnadu and India and information related to them are available here.

  • The Debts Recovery Tribunal Coimbatore : Debts Recovery Tribunal, Coimbatore is the Third such Tribunal to be set up in Tamil Nadu.
  • Madras High Court : The Hon’ble The Chief Justice is the Head of the Judiciary with powers of administration of the High Court and of the Administration of Justice throughout the State.
  • The Chennai Debts Recovery Tribunal I : The Chennai Debts Recovery Tribunal was the second such Tribunal to be set up in the Southern Region.
  • The Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal : The Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal to hear and adjudicate on appeals preferred against the judicial orders passed by the Presiding Officers of various Debt Recovery Tribunals functioning in the Southern region in India.