Kanyakumari District

Kanyakumari District is one of the 30 districts of Tamil Nadu state, and also the smallest. With an area of 1672 sq.km. it occupies 1.29% of the total extent of Tamil Nadu. It ranks first in literacy among other districts in Tamil Nadu.

Kanyakumari is the southern most district of Tamil Nadu. The District is bound by Tirunelveli District on the North and the east. The South Eastern boundary is the Gulf of Mannar. On the South and the South West, the boundaries are the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. On the West and North West it is bound by Kerala.

The area comprising the present Kanniakumari district was a part of the erstwhile Travancore state.

Tamil and Malayalam are the main languages of this district. Hindus and Christians form a sizeable percentage of the population of the district and there are a number of Muslims dominated belts in the district.

Web : http://www.kanyakumari.tn.nic.in/